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I'm making a move for mental health in memory of Madeline ❤️

I'm making a move for mental health this October.

My mum always told Madeline & I that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

I’m doing this for you my angel, I know you’re up there watching & cracking that whip! 

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

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Day 20

Tuesday 20th Oct
Today marks 2 months since you haven’t been around & it kills me. 

There are no amount of words to describe how much I miss you. I miss your attention, you bugging me but most importantly, I miss your love. 

All of this is for you my angel. Miss you so much 

Day Five & Day Six 05-06/10/20

Tuesday 6th Oct
Matt & I are day two into our 8 week challenge. It’s been hard but a good & fun way to keep eachother accountable. Instagram showed me my memories from a few years ago & this photo came up. Madeline & I always liked getting glammed up. Most of the time - madeline would be the one to do my makeup for events etc. Every day is a little more harder without you around. Miss you loads ❤️

Day Four 4/10/2020

Sunday 4th Oct
Wow what a day! 
Matt & I are just about to commence our 8 week challenge & I’m 4 days into ‘Sober October’. Today’s exercise consisted of 30 mins fitness testing & 30 mins walk/run. 

This month has really turned around for me. 
Since Madeline has passed away I had a bad relationship with alcohol, food & not enough exercise (those who know me know I don’t drink that much, still love my food but I’m extremely active so this is a shock to me). 

One thing I’d like to talk about today is Madeline’s love for self care. 
Not necessarily eating well or exercising but she always made sure that she had her “me time”. Me time for madeline would consist of:
- 1 hour showers (oh how I miss banging on the door to tell her to hurry up)
- playing on her Nintendo switch (she loved animal crossing & used to give me the tips & tricks) 
- giving herself a facial
- going on tik tok (mainly to laugh at Matt’s “jokes” (see how I said at not with)) 
And when she wanted to, she’d come into my room & annoy the absolute crap out of me. 

Today it really hit me that I missed you. I’m not sure why? Or how come? But I really wish you were here with me. 

All for you Muddy 💗

Day Three 3/10/2020

Saturday 3rd Oct
Matt & I split up our activity - 30 mins Basketball & 30 mins walk... (I won at Basketball) 

Today's memory would be one that my cousins remember - Madeline was a lot younger, I'm 99% sure it was Easter at our house, it was quite muddy, we were running around and Madeline tripped & fell in the mud. From then on, we called Madeline - Muddyline. 

Missing you <3>

Day Two 2/10/2020

Friday 2nd Oct
Today, 4 years ago Madeline & I were helping out at the Western Bulldogs Grand Final family day. This memory of Madeline is about the leadership program that we both participated in, myself in 2015 & Madeline in 2016. With this leadership program at the end of it, all of the participants vote for a “You Inspire Me Award”. This award is pretty self explanatory.. Madeline was in a tie for the award as she so rightfully deserved. It’s harder & harder without you here, miss you so much 💗

Day One 1/10/20

Thursday 1st Oct
First walk today around the Marby in sunny Melbourne! 

Matt & I are sharing a memory about my sister each day: 

I’m going to start right from the start! 
when I was younger, I often thought of Madeline as my real life baby doll! I pushed her in a pram & all! I think that’s where my maternal side came from as I often looked after her as I was older. Constantly driving her as soon as I received my license, cooking for her, buying her things. 

Miss you heaps gf 💗💗

Madeline's Move

Monday 21st Sep
When 2020 hit, we had no idea what we were in for. A world wide pandemic that not only the virus killed, but the loneliness & isolation did as well. Our angel is looking from a far and we know she is always with us. 

This is for you Madeline 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Hope your okay Steph, I don’t know what it’s like to lose a sister and I couldn’t comprehend what your going through, I just want to help in any way possible. Condolences to you and your family Lots of love Josh and Kayla


Pinnacle Choice Pty Ltd

For Madeline, so proud of you Steph and good luck for your 30 day challenge you’ve got this.



Congratulations to everyone apart of Madeline’s Move! Well done Steph for your organisation and dedication. You’re an inspiration! And thank you to make a move for the great work you do 💕


Steve And Helen Dossis

Proud of you Steph!! Our beautiful angel Maddy would also be proud of you. This is a great initiative and a fitting way to honour the memory of Madeline. Gone too soon xx



You are amazing Steph.. your sister will never forget this. 🧡


Ufs Medical


Shannan Dodd


Charlize & The Rodier Family

Inspiring Steph, thinking of you all 🌸💖🌸For Maddie 🌸💖🌸


K & A

Thank you for doing this.. much love and support Kate and Andrew




Martha Dessiniotis

What a wonderful cause to donate to. Wishing you all strength & courage during this difficult time. I have a daughter who is constantly struggling with mental health. God Bless you for trying to help others who are in need of help. Xx


Julie Walters

A beautiful tribute & an amazing cause. You are a remarkable young woman Step xx


Connie Midiri


Wendy Siryj

Hi Steph....I can't do the 'move' part cos I am injured atm...but happy to donate to a cause close to my heart...and in memory of your beautiful sister Madeline. ❤️


Carole Upton

Can't imagine how difficult it is, thinking of you all XXX


Paul And Rita Dossis

Our thoughts are with you all. Rxx


Fran ??

Your beautiful angel will be with you every step of the way 😘


Theo Chris And Thea Aliki Lappas

We are very proud of you Stephanie. Wishing you all the very best.


Petra And Kevin Hansen

Sending lots of love 💕


Hayley Bourke

For Maddy, rest easy 👼🏼💜 can’t wait to see you smash it Steph ❤️


Brydie And Kealy Siryj

Such an amazing thing you're doing Steph! Lots of love xx


Fiona Maher

Steph- you’re amazing and I’ve been thinking of you and the family the last few months. xx


Montana & Tegan Anderson

Always thinking of you all. Madeline would be incredibly proud of you. Your strength is contagious. You go girl.



Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of Muddy with us 🌸 sending lots of love to you all xx





Elena Bervanakis

Sending love to you and the family. Maddy would be so proud!!❤❤❤


Margaret Hibberson

This is a great gesture and a great cause sending love and thoughts to you all xxxx


Jordan Blitz-brisbane

For Madeline, for the whole Dossis family ❤️



Love to you all xx


Harrison Family

Sending love to you and your family ❤️❤️


Sevil Francis

Our love, our prayers & our minds are with Maddie, you & your family always 🙏🏾😘💖💐




Alison Childe Brooks




Roumeliotis Family

All donations count to this great cause. RIP Koukla xx






Jarryd Missen


Chloe Heywood

Lots of love to you all, Maddy would be so proud 💓


Bernadette Heywood

Thinking of you guys and sending my love ❤️


Effie Tsiavos

Stay strong thinking of you all♥️♥️


Victoria Montesano

Courage, strength, love and honour. Madeline will always shine bright.


Daniela Lukic

Thinking of you x


Thomas Myyrylainen


Maggie Tsiavos

Thinking of you all xx


Elizabeth Themistoklis

Thinking of you guys. Take care. All our love❤️❤️


Robert Clarke

Love you Steph, Maddy would be so proud of you


Vickie Lappas

Good luck Stephanie. Love Vickie xox


Sammi Mcconnell

Sending my all my love to you Maddy! Forever will be a sister to me ❤️❤️❤️


Troy Podhajski

Thinking of you all, Troy, Samantha, Brooke & Elyse ❤️


Cass Mcconnell

I’m so proud of you Steph and maddy would be to. Rest easy my beautiful angel, keep flying high 👼🏽 . Love you a million steph ❤️




Sarah Gatt

This is amazing steph , proud of you! ❤️



I am so sorry for your loss Steph, sending my love and stay strong!! Xx






Kelly Club


Martha Lappas, Michael, Leonardo And Alessandra Xx

Best wishes and good luck. You are amazing.


Jim, Tejka, Jazz And Ella Lappas Xx

Good luck Stephanie. We are thinking of you all the way from Slovenia.


Angel Rogers

Love you cuz, what a wonderful thing you’re doing in your sisters memory xx


Valli & Shane Raddatz


Dan Kingham

Youre doing an amazing job Steph, hope everyone is doing ok


Debra Radojevic


Randa Safadi

So proud of you with Madeline's move. I'm sure she's proud too ❤️


Belinda Selwood

You’re amazing Steph. Thinking of you all xx


Josie Dossis

Great work Stephanie xxxx


Fiona Burgueno

Go Steph!!! You’re all in our thoughts ❤️


Simone Tringali

Sending love and strength to you and your family xxx


Tess Vallone






Amy Carlon

Sending love to the whole family xoxo


Georgio Moustakas


Mitchell Robertson


Sarah O’brien


Zoe Markos

Sending so much love to your angel 💜


Emily Pashakis


Erika Felton

Sending so much love to you and your beautiful family, the strength you have through such an unimaginable time is so powerful. Saying that I got the honour of knowing Madeline is something I truly treasure. x


Georgia Nelson


Laura Van Keulen



Lucas Vandali


Anna Pellegrino



I’m very sorry to hear the passing due to mental health. I hope this girl is resting in peace now and I hope you can reach out for help if you ever need to since it can make a big impact. Stay strong and I hope my donation can help 💛