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I'm making a move for mental health!

I'm making a move for mental health this October.

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut to provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

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Day 10 - (Basketball & Skateboarding)

Monday 11th Oct
Gotta enjoy the weekend!!

Day 9 - (Table Tennis)

Monday 11th Oct
Recovery day with some ping pong!

Day 8 - (HIIT Training)

Monday 11th Oct
Closing the week with a HIIT workout

Day 7 - (HIIT HIRT Workout & Bike Ride)

Thursday 7th Oct
Keeping those muscles occupied with HIIT HIRT workout and finishing off with a cold and windy bike ride.

Day 6 - (HIIT HIRT Workout & Bike Ride)

Thursday 7th Oct
Nothing Better than a HIIT HIRT workout to get those muscles pumping.

Day 5 - (Meditation, HIIT Training & Outdoor Run)

Wednesday 6th Oct
As the first day of school rolls back around, finding time to take a moment out of your day can be difficult but is crucial in order to get in touch with yourself and check you're okay.

Day 4 - (Table Tennis, Bike Ride & More Table Tennis)

Monday 4th Oct
What do to on a 28degree day with no pool? Ping pong, bike riding and more ping pong!!

Day 3 - (Bike Ride & Table Tennis)

Monday 4th Oct
After a morning filled with gardening. A bike ride and ping pong just seemed to be the right answer!

Day 2 - (Boxing, Skipping & Table Tennis)

Saturday 2nd Oct
A day of skipping, boxing and the legendary ping pong!

Day 1 - (Gardening & Skipping)

Friday 1st Oct
Day 1 started off with me realising I hadn't tracked my other activities apart from gardening, oops...

Thank you to my Sponsors


Brad Howe

Proud of you bro


Matt & Amanda Ezzy

We are proud of you supporting mental health and suicide awareness. Exercise is something your are passionate about and the way you keep your mind healthy and your body fit.



Hope this helps xx


Terry And Lynne Ezzy

Congratulations Logan for reaching out to others for such a worthy cause


Wendy And Russ Payne

Good on you for standing up to mental health and advocating something that is much needed. Pop and I are very proud of you, continue the great work!!!


Petrina Walker

All the best with your exercise, Logan! 😊


Daniel Barnes

Well done Champ 👊🏻


Tamika Ezzy

Keep up the amazing work, raising awareness on a cause that is extremely important especially through such a traumatic event such as this time!


Skye Lang


Madelin Barnes


Abbie Turner

proud of you always ezzy <3



Proud of you 💕