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I'm making a move for mental health and personal health!

Hi friends!!

I'm Kathy, and I'm making a move for mental health this September/October.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with health, however I felt like I needed a bit of motivation and this was the best avenue I had seen so far! What I've currently learnt is that your physical health isn't the only thing that can improve when you start exercising, but your mental health as well! Lets be honest, our mental health is something most people forget about, but is becoming more apparent since the COVID19 pandemic.

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

Lets all work together and see where this can take us :)


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Well done Kathy! Love your motivation and energy!