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I'm making a move for mental health!

I'm making a move for mental health this October.

This is personal. 

Too often a young voice crying out for help is mistaken for a young voice in need of discipline. Too often we belittle the weak and then humiliate the proud. But when ignorance takes its toll on the young, we complain that nothing was done. Our youth are our future leaders so I'm making my move to support them.

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut to provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well. 

Peace of mind and of heart, that our youth have their voices heard.

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Reynold Faitua

Keep up the good work. Be Blessed!



I am happy to donate $100 for the purpose of Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. Recently, I lost a very close loved friend, a great leader, a brother and a father to 5 young kids by suicide. I believe in God with faith, I believe that there's always a sunshine behind every storm. My strong message is to Never Give Up. I would like to close off with one off my favorite quote from the Bible, Mathew 11 : 28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" I fully support you & fundraising. Love. Your Husband. K.T


Chris T

Great initiative, Jazz, and definitely an area which needs a lot of attention and care.


Jasmine Zinck