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I'm making a move for mental health!

Hi my beautiful friends and family. I'm making a move for mental health this October. I’m hoping you can help me smash the $2,000 I raised last year as part of this challenge! THANK YOU to all of you amazing people who donated last year.

Over the past 12 months I have lost two of my most beautiful, intelligent and charismatic friends to suicide. Both under the age of 25. 

Both of these suicides have had an unimaginable impact on their beautiful communities.

I miss my beautiful friends every single day. I cherish all of our memories growing up together, and I am so grateful the time we had, I just wish we had longer. And i know I’m not the only one.

This is so, so, close to my heart.

If you ever struggle with your mental health (and I think we all do at some point) please know you can come to me and I will never judge you. In fact I will give you a big big hug and even have a little healing cry with you. Many of my friends will attest to this!!

I’ve also started going to therapy this year to help me navigate the grief I am feeling, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you haven’t quite find the right physch for you, I believe there’s one out there just for you so please don’t stop looking.

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut to provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

I am so appreciative of any amount you can donate, large or small.

Thank you so so so much for your support I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

Love G xxx

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Jan Mcintosh

Well done Grace❤️



So much love G, so proud of you xxx


Tamara Graham

You’re amazing. So much admiration and big love for you, Grace.



Love you sis ❤ such an important message


Kim Mckee & Mike Davies

You're a beautiful soul doing wonderful things.




Amelia Hammond

great work gracie!!


Phoebe Davies

Well done Gracie, love you lots xxx


Astrid Gerrard

Well done Aunty GG. We are so proud of you. Love Baz, Bob, Jacky, Buddha and Clovey xxxxx



You are so amazing and strong Grace. Know that I feel your pain, and have too recognised that seeking help is critical. Regretfully, I was ashamed about this at first. I felt like I had to be ‘the strong one’ that was untouchable, and unaffectable. Girl was I wrong… The strong ones are the ones that recognise they need help, and pave the path for others to realise this. Thank you doing this fundraiser, and being willing to speak about your battles online 💕


Jake Schapper


Tayla Van

I LOVE YOU BBY!!!!!!!! There needs to be more ppl like you in the world. Keep smashing it ❤️‍🔥🦋


Heath Gerrard

Love your work Sissy xo



hi grace, you are so strong and so kind, your dear friends would be so proud <3 thank you for shedding light on mental health and i so admire your courage in speaking about your own. big hugs to you and know that you are never alone in your healing. take care always xx


Kathryn Doyle

So proud of you beautiful friend x


Lara Fox

Thank you raising awareness and funds for this vital cause Grace. You are a gem. Xx


Darcy Hodge

Such a good thing you're doing Grace! Xx





Soph Garstone

Thank you for inspiring me every day Gracie! You are sunshine in walking shoes


Jeremy Maher


Suzie Gerrard

Good on you honey


Jessie Moore

Lots of love Grace!


Ella Wilson


Gaye Mckee

This is such a great cause Gracie, I lost my brother to suicide and I know first hand the impact it has on family and friends. Thank you for caring .



Toughest person I know ❤️ Love you forever


Di Watkins


Zoya Yukhnevich

Proud of you, friend.



Proud of you Grace 💙



Such an important message, you’re incredible! ❤️



So proud of you G! Keep moving xx


Josie Thomas

An important message to so many, go grace!





You are sunshine Grace x


Kym Walker

Well done grace !


Amber Tognela


Anya Celik

Amazing stuff Grace! Love ya!



I’m so very proud, for a very important cause 💓


Gabrielle Watt

Your a star ⭐️


Court Boyle

You’re amazing Grace xx