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Moving & Grooving for Mental Health

I'm making a move for mental health this October.

By sponsoring my challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut to provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

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Finding a Routine

Tuesday 12th Oct
This initiative is great! Not only for raising awareness and funds for mental health but for reestablishing a routine. Over the past 6 months through lockdown, I have fallen out of a positive routine. The activities that I know stimulate me, that energizes me have fallen out of habit. Everything seemed harder. Being restricted to certain activities via COVID has had this effect on all of us. We are all human.

This initiative coinciding with warmer weather and 'freedom day' and gyms re-opening brought back the buzz! 
A couple of days in and the body is sore -  but in an energising way. Strength training when coming back from a big lay-off is tough!!

Setting time aside for yourself every day is so important to your mental health. It will not only increase your productivity, your efficiency and clarity - it will provide you with clarity. 

Find a routine and set aside time to do the things that make you, you.

Open Conversations - Make a Change

Friday 8th Oct
I am lucky for a number of reasons. Lucky that I am here today, lucky that I have had the support around me to keep me here today, lucky that I have been able to help others throughout my journey and theirs.

Writing a lot of these blogs, being part of this initiative, is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do... To 'expose' yourself to friends, family (in my instance most who have already been part of my journey) but more importantly and intimidatingly, colleagues and professional connections that don't know me in the way that others might. Many of these people may see the glimpses of normality that we as people all put forward, the facade and expectation of others, and life we all may hide behind at times.

This however is exactly the reason why I am passionate about joining this initiative. So many times throughout my life when asked 'How are you?' I have answered, 'I'm great, how are you?'
Have there been times this answer is true? Yes. Have there been times that I have lied for the sake of a societal expectation? Absolutely.

The thousands and thousands of people that feel they have to hide behind the facade of a perceived societal, familial, social expectation of ALWAYS being okay is not OKAY. We as a society need to open the airways, open the conversation to each other, with each other, speak openly about how we are actually feeling. How are we expected to receive support if we don't ask? 

A number of mental health initiatives in which I also advocate for are based around the premise of asking others if they are okay. I am a strong believer that this should be a two-way street. We should be able to have open conversations about how WE feel with others without judgment without being asked.

This will only happen with a cultural change. A change in perception and expectation of others around mental health. Be part of that change. 

Support the cause by being vulnerable. Support the cause by telling others how you are truly feeling. This is the start. This is how we change the landscape of mental health within Australia.

Let's open the conversation, let's have open conversations about where we are within ourselves, what is going on in OUR lives without judgment, or more so more importantly a FEAR of judgment. 

This is a cultural and societal change that seems impossible but together we can change so many and more importantly SAVE so many lives.

Cognitive Behaviours

Tuesday 5th Oct
Day 5 - Sydney has had lovely weather over the past few days and with COVID -19 restrictions easing it was great to be able to get out and have a picnic with friends and spend some time down the beach. 

The past week has been a very difficult one for me. I have lost my Poppa (Grandfather) suddenly and my beautiful dog Sonny was unexpectedly rushed to the dog-ters for a few days with a real fear of the worst. What has got me through are the very things that this fundraising effort is about. Routinely practicing the things that make you feel centred. That return You to You. 
Break the cycle of your irrational brain, your emotional self and bring yourself back to an acceptance of what is, what is now. The present.

Practicing the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills that I have learnt over the years and routinely implementing them. Set the goal, keep yourself to it. There are countless times over the last few days that I knew I 'wanted' to do something but the little voice inside of my head was desperately trying to talk myself out of doing it. 

'Do the easy thing - it's too hard' He said.

Talk to him/her and say NO. It's harder said than done, but catch yourself in that thought, in that dialogue and rationalise the inner monologue. Once caught, ask your self 'What is going to make me feel better?' 

Positive behaviours bode positive reactions. Sometimes you have to force yourself. The Make A Move initiative is all about making and ingraing a positive routine. This is what has gave me a sense of relief, a sense of clarity through the past couple of days... Keep at it.

Day 1 - Win the Morning

Friday 1st Oct
Every day we all wake up and have an extraordinary list of to-do items that seem beyond reach from the moment we open our eyes. 

Life gets crazy and we are constantly pulled in different directions but we don't take a moment to stop and consider how we want THIS day, THIS moment to be. What do I need to do to ensure I am in the right mental space RIGHT NOW and therefore, in turn, set myself for the rest of the day. 

When was the last time you took a shower and actually just enjoyed the simplicity of the shower? Noticed the temperature, noticed the feeling of the water on your skin? Brought yourself back to the present moment without your mind racing to the chaotic cycle and perceived never-ending list of the things you 'have to do!'. Today,  was about being conscious of this... and enjoying the present moment. 

Day 1 - Start the morning well to put my mind in the right place, ready for whatever the day had to throw at me. 

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Jan Thomas

Proud of you Paddy and the man you’ve become Love Jan



Good stuff Paddy


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Love this. So proud of your effort for a wonderful cause. ❤️❤️❤️


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Love your work bro


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I love you


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Good on you Patty


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Good on you my friend. Happy to help!!



I love you, you amazing man ❤️


Haley Eagle

So proud of you Paddy! You have supported so many people on their journeys and your commitment to the cause and creating an opportunity to talk openly about everyone's mental health is something I truly admire. Thankyou!


Tijana Gibson

Well done Paddy!


Ken Spillman

Great work, Paddy. I know from my own experience how valuable it is to have people around who are open and informed about mental health, and to have go-to organisations for support.


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