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I'm making a move for mental health!

I'm making a move for mental health this October.

Mental health has been a personal challenge for most of my life. I have received a number of diagnosis throughout my adult years but was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder this year alongside complex PTSD. Receiving a correct diagnosis and being correctly medicated and treated changed my quality of life immensely. 

As someone who has struggled with suicide in the past I know how important services like Reach Out are in protecting our Youth. 

Please donate and participate as it will help improve your own mental health and those of the vulnerable youth. 

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Thank you!!

Saturday 18th Sep
I can’t thank everyone enough! Managed to smash my second goal in one day. Means so much to me xx


Wednesday 15th Sep
Thank you so much to everyone who donated!! I almost reached my target in 24 hours… I’ve upped my goal and will continue to spread awareness 

Much love xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Nice work C :)


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Great cause, Clauds!


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Proud of you!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxox


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So proud of you!


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Good luck


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Great job Lali! Almost at your goal <3


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