Health Generation

We're making a move for mental health

Every day this October, we'll be making a move for mental health.

By sponsoring our challenge, you'll be helping to prevent youth suicide. All funds raised will allow ReachOut to provide all young people with the support they need to be happy and well.

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Jan Thomas

Proud of you Paddy and the man you’ve become Love Jan



Good stuff Paddy


Mark And Michelle Eagle


Beverly Koplan

Love this. So proud of your effort for a wonderful cause. ❤️❤️❤️


Ciaran Spillman

Love your work bro


Kane Draper

I love you


Peter Foote

Good on you Patty


Heath Downie


Leane Eynon


Linda Barry


Mary Melhem



Go Deb. You’ve got this!


Christine Tanner


Benedetto Sardina

Good on you my friend. Happy to help!!




Qing Ling



I love you, you amazing man ❤️


Haley Eagle

So proud of you Paddy! You have supported so many people on their journeys and your commitment to the cause and creating an opportunity to talk openly about everyone's mental health is something I truly admire. Thankyou!


Brandon L Eagle


Alicia Trimingham-turl

Go Chris!


Tijana Gibson

Well done Paddy!


Deb Cormack


Jennifer Adcock

Keep up the good work, Qing, you're doing great..proud to know you 🤩


Bianca Mcbride


Ken Spillman

Great work, Paddy. I know from my own experience how valuable it is to have people around who are open and informed about mental health, and to have go-to organisations for support.


Patrick Spillman


Zachary Eagle


Hannah Robins


Ben Pynt


Charis J Pash


Chris Tanner


James Rayment


Carmen Pollock

Get it girl……!



Go Qing!



Go Deb! Great cause 👍


Amelia Le Comte